Former South Suburban College Student Founds Entertainment Media Company and Foundation

Before founding MVP3 Entertainment Group to produce and distribute creative content worldwide, Marie Pizano was a student at South Suburban College (SSC) where she began her education in business. She credits her education and family for her core values, which gave her a foundation of integrity, principles, and morals.

“It’s still a journey,” says Marie. “There’s a lot of trials and tribulations, but nothing is a failure. It’s all lessons—the more you learn, the more you educate yourself. The knowledge that you have can only get stronger.”

The Memphis-based business was a dream not only for Marie, but for many of her colleagues in the music and entertainment industry. “I had all of these friends that wanted to accomplish the same thing,” she added. “So I was like, ‘Why don’t we come together and make it happen? Let’s do it instead of talking about it.’” Through Marie’s connections, MVP3 Entertainment Group launched in 2011 and has evolved into a home for various independent singers, songwriters, and actors.

“We’re also working with universities and colleges like the University of Memphis to produce a Masterclass Program where we bring in actors that are well known in the industry to teach acting,” Marie explained. “What I do is establish those partnerships to create a win-win situation. You’ve got sticks; I’ve got a match. Together, we make a fire and we create what I call integrity media.”

In addition to being listed as an executive producer on the award-winning film, “Momo: The Sam Giancana Story,” which gives a glimpse into the life of this legendary Chicago mob boss, and directing the documentary, “Shannon Street: Echoes Under a Blood Red Moon,” which details the Memphis massacre of 1983, Marie has also established the MVP3 Foundation. This member-supported nonprofit educational and entertainment organization creates opportunities for communities to experience film, theater, artworks, culinary, and music that inspires, educates, challenges, and entertains. A large focus is put on producing social justice films and job creation programs.

Marie is also an accomplished author, having previously written the book, “From Barefoot to Stilettos, It’s Not for Sissies,” and more recently its companion, “Finding My YES”. Featuring an endorsement from both Morgan Freeman and Jack Canfield, the book describes Marie’s journey from the pits of poverty to the lap of luxury—and then some. In addition to her first steps in the field of business at SSC, she details humorous but heart-wrenching life lessons. Marie concluded, “Keep yourself motivated, be around those who inspire, and go find your ‘yes.’ That’s what’s going to make your success.”