Student standing next to echo machine

When Passion Meets Perseverance

Echocardiography careers are trending and echo technicians are expected to realize a 22% projected job market growth through 2024 according to BLS. Ammar Allaluki’s perseverance connected his passion for healthcare to the American workforce through South Suburban College’s highly specialized two-year program.

Ammar came to the United States from Libya to make a better living for his family. With a background in healthcare, he arrived in Illinois in 2013 and became an educator, when he soon learned Echocardiography was being taught at the local community college. It was his dream to become a part of a medical team where his skills and services would be considered an integral part of the patient’s prognosis.

“I chose this important profession to be able to help doctors detect heart problems by scanning photos, videos or soundwaves of the heart–the most complex organ in the human body,” said Ammar. “This imaging function saves lives.”

It has been a challenging road for Ammar for sure. He has a wife and three children. His wife spoke very little English and could not find work so he moonlighted as a tutor at SSC to support his family. Ammar credits the people of SSC for showing him compassion and helping him on his pathway to a rewarding career.

“I have been blessed to have so many people in my life help to instill in me the confidence that I needed to empower me to succeed,” he says.

After graduating with an Associate Degree in Echocardiography in May of 2018, Ammar took the critical certification exam of the CCI (Cardiovascular Credentialing International) for Registered Cardiac Sonographer and passed. He became a licensed Echo Tech and immediately applied for a position at Loyola Medical Center.

“I got the job! And best of all, I really love working with a team of people who are improving the quality of life of heart patients,” said Ammar. He says he has also used his position as an opportunity to counsel many patients to convert to a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise.

There are only a handful of Echo Techs at Loyola Hospital who currently spend their time scanning and determining what complications may exist in patients. Ammar is proud to be one of them.